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Comment #10: Training One's Replacement?

Outsourced 4 times to Indian contracting had to train my replacement for reference even though I'd been told I'd done a fantastic job - one of which earned a patent for a medical device.

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Comment #9: On Weak Programming Knowledge of Indians?

90% of the Indians I have worked with have a very shallow understanding of programming fundamentals. You could train any US high school graduate in a few weeks, and make them a similarly qualified candidate. This does not happen since most Americans/non-Indians are not comfortable lying

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Comment #8: On Data Privacy Laws?

I very much agree with everything that is referenced in your article. You have summed up brilliantly everything I have witnessed, known, and felt at the workplace for the past few years. The only issue I did not see covered in your article (which is beyond the scope of the article) is “Data Privacy Laws”. I

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Comment #7: On the Replacement of Domestic US Workers?

I have been in IT for over 20 years. In the past 5 years, I have been personally discriminated by Indian workers and managers while HR has stood back and done nothing. My entire teams were discriminated against and forced out if they were American and replaced with less qualified Indian

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Comment #6: On Ruining The Careers of Domestic IT Workers?

The influx of H1B Indian workers in the IT industry has destroyed the entire platform for domestic workers to remain in the once highly sought after career. I have been in the IT field for 20 years. I have not seen any domestic workers hired at my company in well over 10 + years. I

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Comment #5: On Working With Indian Corruption?

Indian consultants seek out and enjoy ‘the swamp’ agreeing to client demands, readily saying yes to poor designs, because it leads to longer projects and subsequently more maintenance revenues. White workers with experience are side-lined, because their honesty with clients, leads to simpler de

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