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Comment #16: The Historical Pattern?

Indian workers are displacing domestic workers for the past 20 years.

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Comment #15: From the Viewpoint of a Minority?

First of all, I'm considered a minority, Thirty or so years ago I enrolled in school to earn a degree in computer science. I thought my degree would be a ticket to a better life, but unfortunately, it has been heartaches and hell in between periods that i was actually employed. Being a minority

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Comment #14: The Walls are Closing in for Domestic IT Workers?

My work team has grown to be 75% Indian. I have never seen anything like this. One team member is an Indian who knows basically nothing about the role he was hired to fulfill; without wanting to sound cruel I must say he is unintelligent. I found it very strange because my inter

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Comment #13: Killing IT?

Indians' skills are below average. They have killed IT. I would not encourage any American to pursue IT as a career. Companies deserve what they eventually will get. Money is all they care about.
Note this is the second or third comment advising US domestic workers who are choosing a field to not go int

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Comment #12: Indians Are Overwhelmed by the Number of Indians?

I can’t believe this is happening in 21st century America. I’m an American of Indian origin and can pass for an Indian. Every manager I’m interviewing with is Indian!!! What happened to America? I as an Indian origin American know what nasty environments these Indian managers ma

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Comment #11: The Takeover of CS Fields By Imported Indian Worker?

I have held degrees in both EE and CS for thirty years, and have seen cheap offshore and H1-B workers from India (and a minority from other countries) decimate the IT and CS fields. In 2003, I was working with embedded systems and a colleague called me, telling me his whole d

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