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Comment #35: Their Impact on Wages?

As an IT consultant they have had an impact on my wages. At one time I would be able to finish one contract and start another the next day. Now i have to search for 3 to 6 months to find that next contract. Also wages have gone down Currently making half what i used to make while I am working. I also was

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Comment #34: The Word From Singapore?

I'm an IT woker in Singapore. My view might be irrelevant in US settings, but Indian IT worker everywhere seems to behave the same. On my last 2 company, one is big MNC, Rockwell Automation, and another is small SME. Indian IT worker bully me to take my resignation and they are majority in number.

At t

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Comment #33: A Hostile Environment for US Workers?

I've worked at a company that was acquired by Wipro and immediately the culture shifted and management got more hostile. It was to the point where if someone wasn't Indian, or the right type of Indian, their say was just ignored and their longevity in a position was compromised. Most of the

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Comment #32: Faking Resumes and Targeting the Jobs of US Domestic Workers?

Your article hit it right on. The following is what I wrote in January 2018 while working in a hostile work environment: I am so sick and tired of the cunning and arrogant Indians in my workplace. My work environment was mostly pleasant working with non-Indians befor

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Comment #31: Abuse of The L1 Visa?

L1 visas are now being used by many Fortune 500 companies to bring workers from India. When I was in consulting, average it would take 7-8 interviews to get the job. There was a Telugu candidate from bhramin background would get a job in 1st or 2nd round. A lot of discrimination happens against black, Lati

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Comment #30: Indians Hire Indians?

Indians only hire Indiana’s. This is a sick culture bringing to this country and a new format of discrimination has risen to reshape us workers.

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