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Comment #29: Indians and Deception, from a Hungarian?

They are liers. Falsifying reports and lying in front of higher management are their specialty. They value presence over real technical skills. They abuse any non-Indian with automation ideas. Later on, they may sell it as their own idea. Prefer hiring Indians over non-Indians. Indian ma

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Comment #28: The Same Process Playing Out in the EU?

I am working in a global company. We realized in the past 3 years (2016-2019) that slowly all managers, top managers changed to Indians. We (domestic workers) are not involved to project works, we have no authority for approvals, no right to change things. If we automated a process, it is

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Comment #27: Getting The Truth?

I have worked in multiple countries and it is the same everywhere like what you said. I do not have much to add on but I would like to thank you for speaking the truth.
This brings up a point I will address in the conclusion -- which is why the IT media is so silent on this topic.

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Comment #26: Abuse of the H1-B System?

The H1B system is severely abused by them. my first hand experience, many of them are corrupted, unprofessional, unethical and un-America. in the long run, it will most likely destroy western industries, that's one of the reason we will lose to Asia countries to the end.

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Comment #25: US Culture Acquiescing?

It has something to do with the culture in US. It hurting itself, badly! I don't see the light in the dark. IT will be two branches: Indian in US, EU. Chinese in China.

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Comment #24: Discrimination at the FAANGs?

I have 25 years of IT experience in various fields. Constantly study to stay current. All of my former coworkers from Andhra Pradesh easily got jobs at FAANGS after being laid off. Some reported failing multiple interview questions, still got hired.
Those that interview at the FAANGs r

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