About the Survey

What is this Mini-Site All About?

This website is how the Indian IT Discrimination Survey is delivered. It makes every part of the survey, both input and output, available in one easily navigable place. This survey currently has over 100 submissions. There are fewer than that in the comments tab because not everyone who took out the survey was filled in response to the comments tab. As the of typing in a comment, which is more like an essay question, takes more work. Previously around 70% of the survey takers filled out the comment question, and around 30% did not. Recently we changed that question (Question #9) to ask that people do fill out the comment section as well as this is very valuable in providing the reality of experiences that domestic IT workers face.

The Results Tabs

The first two tabs provide the results.

Part 1: Comments Tab

This is a filterable interactive app that allows the user to review the comments by the comment category.

Part 2: Charts Tab

This is a series of pie charts for all the other questions in the survey.

Participation Tab

The third tab is the Indian IT Discrimination Form. We encourage domestic workers from anywhere in the world who have experienced working with Indians in IT to fill out the form so that the survey results can continue to grow.

The Obvious Conclusion

What should become apparent is how different the content is on this website from the standard media coverage on the Indian IT issue, which continually bangs the drum for more Indian work visas and Indian immigration, without any concern for the negative impacts domestic IT workers in these countries. 

The establishment IT media does not want domestic IT workers to know anything about what is published on this survey. We have concern for the sample's representativeness (the results in this survey) versus the population. However, IT media, which is run as per the dictates of major conglomerates, have zero concern with covering this information as it is supposed by their advertisers who benefit financially and enormously from continual Indian worker immigration.