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Comment #22: What it is Like as a Non-Indian Working for Indian IT Firms?

After accepting a job with TCS as a consultant I am shocked that almost everyone I'm working with is Indian. My team just hired a second Indian woman and it seems like she is trying to usurp me already. She and the woman that trained me in are talking in Indian langua

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Comment #21: The Band of Knowledge of Indian Workers?

Indian IT workers only have a narrow band of knowledge. The ones I've interviewed over the phone often have moderately long pauses while someone coaches them or looks up the answers for them. The ones that I work with are generally dishonest and can't be depended on. The Indian IT manage

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Comment #20: Working for an Indian Recruiter: Seeing Incorrect Candidates Sent to Clients?

I worked as an IT recruiter 20 years ago and saw how it all began. I was shocked to learn how the process worked and how they would have one "educated" person doing ALL of the technical phone interviews, but sending other, much less skilled Indians to

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Comment #19: The United Front of Indians Versus Non-Indians?

I have been a Systems Engineer for many Fortune 500 companies and what I have seen of the Indian takeover is appalling. This country has sold it's IT workforce completely out. This should come as no surprise considering Tom Watson and IBM helped the Nazis kill six million jews. Wh

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Comment #18: The Common Corruption of Indian IT Firms?

This is a growing problem among US companies. I have worked for Wipro right out of college in 2009. This was one of the most corrupt firms that I have ever worked for. I have been in IT for 10 years. I have seen increasing amounts of unexplained nepotism among Indians in IT departments

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Indians only hire other Indians.

Using Indian Languages to Hide Their Intentions

They routinely only speak English when they want you to hear something.

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