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Comment #104: Pay Back Indian Companies that Control H1-B Program

Indian Managers only hire Indians. I think it is because they need to pay back to the Indian companies that control the H1-B program.

Comment #105: Mind-Boggling Hatred of Indians?

My issue does not revolve around H1-B but more towards the discrimination and politics the Indians play at the workplace.

Comment #106: Robot Mentality?

In my experiences working with Indian software developers, they have a slave mentality that simply don't answer no to anything. As a result, it makes my job as a state-side s

Comment #107: Indians Only Hire and Support Other Indians?

Indians likes to hire and support only other Indians. Very often non-Indians are weeded out during the resume

Comment #108: Bums on Seats?

Western countries don't need Indian IT workers or even Immigrants for that matter. Many Indians do not share Western Values and bring with

Comment #109: Anti-Muslim Discrimination?

I am a H1B visa holder and an Indian Muslim who face a lot of dicrmination and racism fro