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Comment #99: Less Competent Than Domestic Workers

In general Indian h1-b’s are far less competent than domestic workers or even immigrants from other countries. Their c

Comment #100: Demonic Indian IT Recruiters

I'm an IT Technologist with many years of experience, though had to take an extended break from formal work or employment so

Comment #101: All Non-Indians Pushed Out?

I am white female in analytics. It’s similar to IT as data science draws people with an engineering or computer science background. The multinational corporation I work for in the US has a huge Indian

Comment #101: Indians Display a Lack of Creativity?

I know there are way more Indians working now than when I began contracting IT work back in 2003. Also, I know they all seem to believe SQL is a required computer language to know and most e

Comment #102: Cannot Get Hired With Indians as Gatekeepers?

I have never passed any interview when there were any Indians in the chain of interviews. They are absolutely low-skilled garbage developers, if you are smarter than them, they will

Comment #103: Indian Domination?

I have worked in the IT space for over 20 years and it has changed from what it used to be. Most IT departments of companies in America are mostly dominated by Indians (qualified and not qualified employees) T